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Ancient (de_ancient) is an official Bomb Defusal map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, released as part of Operation Broken Fang on the December 3, 2020 update. Initially released as part of the Reserves Group, the May 3, 2021 update moved Ancient to the Active Duty map group, replacing…

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Want to be an effective CS:GO team player? Then learn callouts to improve your communication. This article on DMarket contains callouts for the Ancient map.

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Tips and tricks for CS:GO’s newest map, Ancient – CS:GO |

CS:GO recently introduced their new map, Ancient, into the competitive map rotation. While initially this map may appear puzzling, there are plenty of ways to navigate around this map.

NEW COMPETITIVE CSGO MAP! – de_ancient fly-through

Ancient Smokes, Flashes and Molotovs – CSGO Nades

Find and learn the best smoke, flashbang, molotov and grenade spots for Ancient. Browse our large collection of nades for CS:GO.

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